By: Kennedy Kao

Seniors making a low income in Canada have a range of housing options they can consider. Here is a list of resources that offer information on where to receive affordable housing arrangements for seniors. 

Canada-Wide Housing Services

Government of Canada: Housing Options for Seniors

The Government of Canada outlines information about why seniors’ housing needs change over time and lists housing programs by province and territory. A comprehensive brochure about planning for senior living is available here

Ontario Housing Services

Government of Ontario: Home and Community Care Support Services

The Government of Ontario website provides a step-by-step guide on applying for home and community care services for seniors who require assistance in their living spaces. There are alternatives and suggestions for anyone who does not qualify for government-provided benefits. 

Government of Ontario: Find a Place To Live

The Government of Ontario website also gives information about long-term care housing, retirement homes, rental housing, and other housing types. Clear, easy-to-read instructions to find accommodation for each housing option are provided. 

LHIN Home and Community Care Support Services Map

Seniors can refer to the LHIN Home and Community Care Support Services Map for more local support services. Listed are specific regions across Ontario that lead to each region’s LHIN Home and Community Care Support Services webpage. 

AdvantAge Ontario

AdvantAge Ontario is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the livelihood of the elderly through “independent, not-for-profit delivery of long term care, seniors’ community services and housing.” AdvantAge Ontario provides a regional map specifying local-based housing services for seniors to sift through. 

Toronto Housing Services

Rent-Geared-To-Income Subsidy

Through the Rent-Geared-To-Income program, seniors can subsidize their housing costs through a priority-based application process. While there is a waitlist, the opportunity to receive subsidized housing assistance as a long-term benefit is well-recommended by the City of Toronto. 

Senior Toronto

Senior Toronto offers a database for seniors to search for affordable housing in Toronto. One can also find information about continuing education, recreational activities, and cost-effective entertainment directed at seniors.