Natural birth guide for moms

By: Oluwatosin Jolaoluwa

Natural childbirth means giving birth vaginally without the aid of medication, surgery, or external medical interventions. In natural childbirth, the mother is typically guided by the midwives throughout the process. It is not an easy process, but there are several reasons why some women choose to go this route. Some mothers prefer it because they simply want to give birth naturally, others due to religious beliefs. It’s also common for women to choose this birth style because they do not want to  undergo surgery or bear the financial burdens associated with surgery.

Thankfully, there are guides that can make the process less strenuous. Giving birth is a transitioning stage for any woman, so she needs all the help and support she can get to get through the process successfully and to also ensure the total wellbeing of both mother and child.

In this article, we’ll outline a simple and effective natural birth guide for expecting mothers interested in going this particular route of childbirth. 

Natural Birth Guide for Moms.

  • Get enough knowledge about the subject of childbearing from mature moms or healthcare providers. For first-time moms, there might be a lot of fear and questions regarding the process. This may be due to what you have seen or heard from others, so it’s important that you are given the right information about the process. Your minds, in addition to your body, have to be prepared for the process ahead. The right information from mature women who are moms and have gone through the process can help in a big way. Healthcare providers can also be of help to women during prenatal care by providing necessary and important information to women while dispelling myths about natural birth.
  • Know your birth location. Where would you like to give birth? Do you want to give birth at home, a hospital, or even a birth centre? It is important to know where you would like to have your baby, and this has to be determined way before your delivery date. You have to ensure that the location you choose is a place where you can get adequate care during your child delivery.
  • Choose your healthcare provider. You need to also choose who you want your healthcare provider to be. Do you want a midwife or a gynaecologist? Your place of birth also determines the kind of healthcare provider you would need during your childbirth process. Some midwives are trained to assist women in delivering their babies at home. You need to properly question your healthcare provider to ensure that they are competent and able to handle your delivery process. You could also ask people in the local community for recommendations on what healthcare provider is most suitable for a natural childbirth process. Ask a lot of questions to clear any doubts you have. Your health status also determines the kind of help you would need during child delivery.
  • Prepare your body and mind ahead for the process. During the prenatal time, you would be given different advice and requirements that would help your body prepare for the natural birth process, such as the right exercises and diet. This time should also be spent doing mental preparation. This might entail reading books and educating yourself on all things natural childbirth bearing. Many mothers have also cited a frequent meditation practice to be helpful for managing the pain since natural childbirth means forgoing pain medication. 


While natural childbirth is no easy feat, many mothers have found it to be an amazing experience, especially when you are prepared ahead of the process. By having a clear plan, the right healthcare provider in place, and support from loved ones, you’ll have everything you need for a successful natural childbirth for both mother and child. 

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